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The Truth Will Lead the Way :

Lead generation is the business of generating consumer interest in a product or service. Seems simple enough, right? If only it were as simple as getting from point A to point B, but it is not. That is why the “art” of lead generation must be honed and practiced and thought through, but most importantly, it must be honest. To be successful in lead generation, break bad habits and the ride will be a lot smoother.

In today’s world of mega data, studying analytics is vital to the success of any and all marketing campaigns. However, relying on data without following a specific, pre-determined goal for what you want to accomplish is the quickest way to become paralyzed by over-analysis. Be honest with yourself and your client about what the data says, but do not let it hinder you from action. Today’s mega data world also moves mega quickly, and if you are spending too much time trying to “break the code” instead of breaking into your market, you have already lost your audience.

Speaking of your market, do you know it inside and out? If you don’t, you may be tempted to try out every new idea you have on what might be your audience. Again, if you are honest about how well you know your audience, you can pause to ask yourself, “Will this new idea exactly suit my market?” If not, you have just saved yourself, and your client, time and unnecessary expenses.

There is a saying that “numbers never lie.” While the essence of that statement is true, we all know how easy it is to find the right numbers that say what we want them to say. With statistics and analytics, there is always the temptation to inflate whenever we need to generate (leads). However, there is no worse fate for all your future marketing and sales efforts than to hype up buyers on false statements. It damages everything, from the brand to your customer relationship. And that kind of damage can’t be fixed. Just present your product, service, or brand on its true merits and the customer will be intelligent enough to spot the honesty.

What’s dishonest? In the world of lead generation, companies have gone so far as to use a phony local address to fool local search algorithms, even placing ads in Yellow Pages, to make a national company feel local and show up in local searches. Imagine the customer that calls to book a service only to find out they are routed to a phone bank in another country. One famously noted case of this misrepresentation was written up in the New York Times. The article tells of a locksmith in Seattle that is different than 90% of his competitors because he is actually located in Seattle. When a potential customer searches for a locksmith in Seattle, according to Yelp, over 3,000 locksmiths show up in Seattle, though in reality there are way fewer than 300. And though some of those “virtual” locksmiths will show up and do some work, many overcharge from their original quote and do poor work, and the customer is left with little recourse to find that person again.

Lead generation, though it may come in many different shapes and sizes, really comes down on impressing customers, and for that honesty is really the best policy. That positive experience your customer has will keep them returning, re-tweeting, re-posting, and rewarding your business with their business.

Tell us, how has honesty paid off as your best policy? What new leads did it generate?