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Facebook Timeline Bumps Brand Page Engagement by 46% :

On March 30, Facebook rolled out the mandatory Timeline for all Brand Pages, and those companies that took early advantage of switching over to the updated look have gotten a sizeable bump in their brand engagement.

According to research company, Simply Measured, a small sampling of brand pages showed that their engagement increased by 46%  over previous engagement. On the higher end of the scale, both the Livestrong and Toyota brand pages saw an engagement bump of 161% and 156%, respectively.

While direct responses to status updates fell after brand’s adopted the Timeline, responses to both videos and images rose a composite 65%, likely due to larger image displays, says Simply Measured. This may prompt more Facebook marketers to post more videos and images on Facebook.

Already over 8 million brands on Facebook have switched over to Timeline before the March 30 deadline, roughly one-fourth of all brands on Facebook.

To recap some of the features of Timeline, pages now have the ability to post a banner image (851 x 315 pixels) at the top of the page, users can send direct messages to your page instead of making public wall posts, you will have the ability to pin posts you want displayed at the top of your page (for up to seven days at a time), and customers will have easier access to your About page on Facebook.

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Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages and How it Can Work for You :

Facebook has been releasing several design upgrades in the recent days, most notably the Facebook Timeline for Pages. With uncanny control, new ways to boost engagement and a load of new features, it will take time to master, but you should certainly make it a point to do so.

For a limited time, Admins of your Facebook Page can activate a Timeline preview manager, where changes will only be seen by the Admins, not your fans. This will allow you to play around with some of the new features in private. After March 30, Timeline will automatically be visible to your fans on all your Pages.

Visually, the most notable change is the ability to post a banner image (851 x 315 pixels) at the top of your Page. Facebook says this space is not designed for “calls to action,” such as discount coupons or “Please Like Us” messages. It’s there to allow for visual cues into your product and/or business.

A change that may be a little harder to get used to is that no longer will you have the ability to assign which page your visitors land on first. Everyone will land on the home page, so you’ll lose out on any sign-up widgets or coupon pages you currently have. However, with a greater visual nature to the home page, your customers will easier access to your About section, so make sure you fill it out with short, punchy descriptions of your products and business.

From a customer service standpoint, a major change with Timeline is the ability for users to send your Page direct, private messages. No longer will every question a customer has be posted front and center on your Wall. Instead, customers can connect with your business on a one-on-one basis. The flip side, however, is not possible. You cannot engage your fans through private messages; you can only respond to a message that has been sent to your Page first.

One of the new features that should be mastered quickly is Pinned Posts. You will have the ability to pick one post on your Wall and keep it “pinned” at the top for seven days. This is how you can direct customers to important announcements, promotions and photos. You can also select important posts that will appear the full width of your Page. They won’t be “pinned,” but they will be larger than other posts.

If you have questions about your Facebook Page, or if you’re concerned your business isn’t ready for these changes, talk to the professionals at SEM Media. We can guide you through all social media platforms.