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You Won’t Get Full on Facebook :

As professional Internet marketers, the team at SEM Media knows all too well the perils of people who jump on board of the “latest and greatest” thing on the Internet only to find an empty treasure chest. While some new techniques and resources should be explored, and perhaps implemented, it is a mistake to leap blindly into a strategy just because it seems “BIG”.

Take, for instance, social media. Facebook has been the “next big thing” for a long time now, and rightly so. Probably nearly everyone you know is on Facebook, right? Even people who mainly use their computers to view pictures of their grandchildren are doing so now on Facebook. This is why an overwhelming majority of new business ventures that has been selling goods or services in the last couple years has been marketing themselves through Facebook, at least to some degree. So can Facebook sustain you? Will it fill you up?

No. Facebook is needed and important, no doubt. But if you focus your marketing efforts solely on social media and Facebook, you’ll be blessed with that unfortunate gift of “hindsight.”  What we mean is that you will be limiting yourself by not employing time-honored methods of Internet marketing, ones we’ve been performing successfully for years.

One of the big reasons that Facebook won’t feed all your business goals is that it tends to “glue” people into staying on Facebook. People who are on Facebook want to stay on Facebook. They don’t want to visit every link they see that takes them to another website. So it’s not getting people’s attention on Facebook that’s the hard part; it’s getting them to act.

The other major issue with Facebook is that you don’t control Facebook. That means you don’t control policies, layout changes, procedures or content. What if all your efforts to build a brand page, one day, suddenly disappeared? There’s no way to back up your data on Facebook. It would be gone without a trace.

This is why it’s very important that social media is only one prong in a multi-pronged approach to Internet marketing. You still need good link building strategies, SEO and quality content. There’s no way around it. Use social media only in a sensible correlation to other marketing techniques. And if you want to know how to do that, talk to us at SEM Media. We can show you how to feast instead of famish.