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You Have a Facebook Page for Your Business, Now Get Traffic to It :

It may be hard to pin down, but reports indicate that between 50-70% of small businesses have Facebook Pages, and that number is growing. 22% of businesses with Facebook Pages run Facebook Ads, according to MerchantCircle. But that’s not the only way you can (or should) drive traffic to your Facebook Page.

Just like your website, you should understand the SEO behind your Facebook Page. In a six-month study looking at over 1,000 Pages, analytics company PageLever found that over a third (34%) of external referral traffic to Facebook Pages comes from search, and 27.5% of it coming from Google search alone. This means that everything you put on your Facebook Page, from how you name your Page to filling in every available tab and field should have SEO in mind. Of course, all your links, videos and status updates should have good SEO content as well.

Granted, most new “likes” on your Page will come from internal search and friends finding your Page through other friends, but the fact that outside search accounts for a third of new referral traffic means there is a lot of room to grow through the search engine optimization of your Page.

And the smaller your Page (i.e. the fewer “likes” you have), the more traffic you get from outside Facebook. In fact, Pages with 1,000-10,000 fans get 38.73% of their traffic from outside Facebook; whereas pages with over 1,000,000 fans only receive 7.39% of their traffic from outside sources. So build your Page using every SEO tip and trick you know of. And don’t forget that this is your business’s Facebook Page, so always be posting links back to your business’s website. This will help your Google PageRank.

And as you continue to post content to your Facebook Page, remember that frequency counts. Have questions about your Page’s SEO? Contact an SEO professional.