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Yes, Virginia, There is an Alternative to WordPress :

If you’ll pardon the loose affiliation, it seems that when it comes to blogging WordPress gets all the words in the press. This open source program is so easy to use, and there are lots of pretty templates to choose and plug in to your site so you’re up and blogging in mere minutes. But with the recent and growing security vulnerabilities, hacked themes and headache-producing exploits surrounding WordPress these days, you should be made aware of the alternatives out there.

But before we go there, what is it we all really like about WordPress? It’s just so blatantly easy. But its triumph is also its downfall. WordPress is frequently used by spammers for mass site deployment. Have you ever seen a service that “guarantees” to get your content spread throughout 5,000+ websites instantly? More likely than not, these blackhat tricksters are posting content on sites they built through WordPress as dummy sites, which means there is no real value in having your content on there in the first place.

Okay, enough belaboring the point. Other blog sites, also known as CMS (Content Management System), can just about as easily get your blog out to the world as WordPress. One of the cool ones out there right now is Jekyll. It’s based on OctoPress, a sophisticated CMS that sounds all too familiar to WordPress, but Jekyll is easy to use, easy to experiment with and you can even import your existing WordPress blog into it without a hitch.

Textpattern is another blog service that looks and feels a lot like WordPress, so if you’ve gotten use to WP but want something a little different, check it out. MovableType is a CMS that pre-dates WordPress. If you want to get back to the “roots” of blogging, look no further. And last but not least, good old Notepad can get you there. Yes, you’ll need to hand code everything, but it’s incredibly hard to hack and you have control over every aspect of your blog.