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What the SEO Experts Love in a Website :

As a firm specializing in SEO, it is nice once in a while to “talk shop” about the things we love, so today we will cover a few of the things we love to see in a website. By learning about what we love, it may help you understand our approach to SEO and what about it makes sense for your site.

RSS Feeds – without them, search engines won’t be able to find your latest content quick enough, and that means a delay in getting your website indexed and ranked.

Great UX – sites that excel at “user interface” (UX) often get ranked better simply because people like them better. It is in a search engine’s best interest to provide the best match for a search term, so those hard-working web crawlers are looking for the components that make for a great UX. One of those components is page load time; nobody likes to sit around waiting for a web page to load. So even boosting your page’s load time from a ½ second to a ¼ second can increase your page ranking.

Socially Loved – the main caveat with having a social presence for your business is consistency. Like maintaining a helpful, engaging blog, managing your social presence will take time and care. But social love pays dividends. Being linked to/from through tweets and status updates is great fodder for your search engine ranking.

Good Content – They say “content in king,” and it is. Search engines are looking for compelling and unique content that fits what a searcher is seeking. It is your job (and your agency’s job) to provide that compelling content so there is no need to look elsewhere. Showing up in a search result is the first goal, but compelling the searcher to click on your link is the next, and good content will help make that happen.

Link Building – Building links increases your site’s perceived value and relevancy for targeted keywords, so to do this allow as many opportunities for people to link back to your site as possible. Today, this is commonly done through social media pages and sharing.

Of course, an SEO agency employs many more techniques and tactics to build search relevancy for your site, but understanding some of the most important ones can help you understand what’s being done with your business’s website.