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Want to Blog? Get the Most (SEO) Bang from WordPress :

For “newbies” or seasoned pros, WordPress is a content management system that has something for everyone. In addition to blogging, WordPress can also be used to build highly effective e-commerce sites. But the real power of WordPress lies in how friendly it is for search engine optimization (SEO). In fact, here are five ways in which WordPress rules for SEO purposes:

  • Tag Creation – Like labels, tags occur at the end of blog posts that help readers (and web spiders) find all the content on your site relating to specific keywords or keyword phrases.
  • SEO-Friendly Article Titles – By allowing titles of your articles to automatically become permalinks, your blog becomes keyword-enriched and easier to find on the internet.
  • Cross-Linking – WordPress makes it very simple to link associated content within your posts to content found elsewhere on your website. By linking specific keywords, it provides an extra punch of “search juice” that goes above and beyond just tagging keywords.
  • Google Sitemaps – A Google Sitemap helps a potential visitor to your website see exactly how your site is laid out before coming there to click around. This helps reduce your visitor bounce rate because a visitor can find what they need more quickly without losing interest in what you have to offer.
  • Create Categories – By organizing the content on your website into categories, visitors can easily scroll through every article you’ve ever written on your site based on broad categories (think of it like a folder system). Of course, search engines love organized content because they can process it more quickly than if they had to troll through countless jumbled pages to find specific keywords or categories.

So why not make it easy to be found on the Internet by building up a blog through WordPress. It’s easy and SEO-friendly.