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Use Twitter for Glittering Up Your Content :

Using Twitter for your business can be very beneficial for brand building. It connects businesses and their owners to their audience in unique and timely ways. It helps generate leads, and it provides another avenue for online advertising through Twitter Ads. But Twitter can also provide a little “glam” to your business content, attracting positive attention and aligning you among experts in your niche. Here are some of the ways that happens.

# is where it’s at. This unassuming yet powerful symbol instantly connects people on Twitter on the same topic. One of its most enlightening uses is for Twitter chats. You don’t need to go out and host your own chat immediately. Just participate in a few popular ones in your industry and connect with others you may have never heard from before. It’s an opportunity to learn and to speak up with your ideas.

Twitter is the ultimate crowd-sourcing tool. From directly asking your followers what they think about X, Y, or Z, or more creatively using polling services, you can use responses to generate useful blog posts and Facebook status updates that resonate with your target audience.

Twitter makes nearly everyone accessible. Celebrities connect to their legions of fans, and industry leaders connect to their devotees. Following the right people can get you inside quotes to use for research material and speaking points. Twitter is information; people say what they think in 140 characters or less and share it publicly.

Your customers are there for you, literally and figuratively, via Twitter. You can use them for content by interviewing your top customers, or giving them public praise for their support. This gives you social proof that makes you a credible business. And people who get praised on Twitter like to share that content with lots of other people.

You can be “that guy” on Twitter. This unique social platform really caters to those who have a personality worth sharing. Don’t get bogged down in the laziness of re-tweeting every good idea someone else has. Instead, add your own commentary to what others are saying and generate your own fresh content. Your followers will appreciate it and start turning to you first just to find out what you’re saying and thinking.

Know what’s trending? You should (and can). Twitter makes it easy to identify what’s popular that day and that hour, especially with the # symbol we talked about already. Other tools are out there that help us search for content on social networks so we can join in on already-hot topics that pertain to our industry or interest. This is also one of the best ways to identify popular keywords for SEO purposes.

One of the easiest ways to organize Twitter into bite-size pieces is to create lists of people you follow. You can aggregate content into topics that pertain to you and your business. Want to know more about SEO? Create a list of SEO experts that you can read through when you need ideas. Have a business that deals with online sales? Make a list of Twitter accounts that just cover E-commerce.

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