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Unwrapping the Branding and Social Media Package :

Branding and social media seem to be two peas in a pod, and yet neither works quite in same way. Social media can be a big microphone for your brand, especially through powerful social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but your brand image should go far beyond its social media presence to serve its purpose for your business. That is why SEM Media offers the tools to set up your brand on local search results pages and directories. We don’t rely on a single-mode approach; we attract business from everywhere we can.

However, your business brand should be represented on social media networks, and here’s why. In a recent study by AYTM, an independent online market research platform, the site surveyed 2,000 Internet users about how they like to interact with brands online. What they found is that of those 2,000 Internet users, 74% are on Facebook daily and 35% are on Twitter daily.

Furthermore, 58% of all surveyed said they have “liked” a brand on Facebook and 42% have mentioned a brand specifically in their status update. On Twitter, 29% of users follow a brand and 39% have tweeted about a brand. This indicates that users are willing to talk about your brand. You just need to give them a reason to.

So what reasons should you give them? According to the survey, an overwhelming 80% of users prefer to get coupons/promotions/discounts from a brand through Facebook and/or Twitter; while only 8% say they want to hear brand news, 5% want answers to questions, 5% are looking for how-to’s and only 2% are looking for interviews.

So next year, why not give your brand fans and followers the gift they really want: great deals on your great products. It will turn out to be the gift that keeps on giving back to your business.