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To Post or Not to Post, Is that Even a Question? :

All businesses would like to increase their Facebook presence and have more of their customers interacting with their business and products. It’s a “virtual” struggle (pun intended) to get noticed through social media when everyone is competing for the same finite minutes (or hours) people spend each day on sites like Facebook. But according to a new white paper published by comScore, you can certainly increase the chance of being noticed by your fans if you keep the content and posts coming.

According to the white paper, businesses can reach 2.5% more people for each day they post a status update on their business Facebook page. The difference shows that a business that only posts content once a week reaches less than 10% of their total fan base; whereas a business that posts content seven days a week reaches 27% of their fan base. It seems that weekends and consistency are the keys. People use Facebook on the weekends because they have more time to do so, so as a business owner who is on Facebook it pays to post when people have the time to read it.

These stats were pulled from the Top 100 Brand Pages on Facebook in May 2011. And part of the study examined that by posting content and ending up in your fans’ newsfeeds, you’re not only reaching your fans. You also reach your fans’ friends. In fact, one example from the study showed that over 7% of Southwest Airlines’ website traffic came from friends of people who were fans of Southwest on Facebook, but who were not fans themselves. Talk about collateral traffic. The white paper says that for each fan that your post appeals to in their newsfeed, you also reach 34 of their friends.

It’s all a numbers game, so put the numbers out there and watch your traffic grow.