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Title Tags and Their Infinite Importance to SEO :

From meta tags, meta data to keywords, descriptions and title tags, the SEO “lingo” seems never-ending. Luckily, SEM Media understands it all and this week is going back to the basics by showing what is arguably the single most important element of SEO on any web page: the title tag.

A title tag is part of the meta tag that lives at the top of your HTML, inside the <head> area. If it helps, think of title tags as the chapter title in a book – it clues visitors and search engines into what your page is about. It is the title tag that shows up in search results, so it should contain important keywords to help search engines find your site.

The trick to a good title tag is to write them for humans but format them for search engines, and that’s where the value of an experienced SEO team, like SEM Media, pays in dividends.

If you would like to assess your own title tag, SEM Media has prepared a quick checklist for you:

  • The length of your title tag should be no more than 70 characters (including spaces).
  • Your site’s most important keywords should come first.
  • Use pipes (|) to separate keyword phrases; don’t use commas.
  • Keep your wording short and simple.
  • Put your company name at the end of your title tag, as it’s not usually a targeted keyword.
  • Don’t duplicate: title tags should be different for every page.
  • Be relevant; they must describe the actual content on the page.

If you have questions about the strength of your website’s title tags, contact the pros at SEM Media today.