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Three SEO Trends Every Small Business Should be Watching :

SEO is a $16 billion industry, and it is one of the top ways a small business can connect with customers exactly when they are ready and willing to make a purchase. SEO is also one of the best ways small businesses can grow their online sales. But business owners are busy running their businesses, so they need a “takeaway” from all the current SEO-speak that boils down what to watch with SEO trends.

One of the top SEO trends to pay attention to and talk about with your SEO agency is integrating online and offline marketing efforts. While $155 billion of consumer goods were sold online in 2009, $917 billion worth of retail sales were quoted as “web-influenced” that same year, meaning that consumers are first searching for what to buy online before going out to buy it offline. Small businesses should be paying attention to how customer search influences their buying decisions.

Another SEO trend to watch is the use of mobile devices for local search. If you have a business that targets specific regions or meets geographically-specific needs, you need to be present in local search and map results. One way this is done is through segmenting potential customers with geo-targeting and paid search advertisements. This will get the right ad in front of the right consumer.

The last SEO trend we will mention here is social media advertising. News just broke on Mashable that Facebook will be giving away $10 million in free advertising starting in 2012 (in $50 increments to qualified businesses).  And if you didn’t already know, Facebook surpassed Google as the most visited website early last year. Social networks allow online marketers to hyper-target advertising opportunities that can land new customer segments and complement existing paid search campaigns.

The keys to SEO are that it includes a diverse approach, has a very positive ROI and that it capitalizes on trends like the ones outlined above so your small business can gain a competitive edge. Talk with your SEO agency to find which of these trends is best suited for your business.