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The Tricks of the Trade for Getting More Blog Traffic :

Ever stop to think about where blog traffic comes from? It’s not all that mysterious – blog traffic is driven by a balanced strategy of SEO (search engine optimization), syndication, use of social media and guest posting. Whether it’s for a hobby blog or a B2B blog, the tricks of the trade are the same, and properly used, they all bring in more blog traffic.

Knowing that it takes the above-mentioned tools to build and drive blog traffic, here are some important tricks of the trade to understand about blog traffic. It’s the stuff that every good blogger knows.

First, it takes time to build an audience of blog readers. Keeping a blog requires persistence and patience. A blog requires traction, and traction requires covering a distance over time. Even your early blog posts can bring in a lot of traffic over time, so be patient.

Referrals and direct traffic go hand-in-hand. If your blog is read by someone who finds it on a referral site, it will also likely be bookmarked, subscribed to via RSS and visited directly from your URL. So think of every referral as a future direct visitor and don’t take one more seriously than the other.

SEO doesn’t create overnight success. Nobody necessarily trusts a leader they met five minutes ago, so to establish your authority (both in the reader’s mind and to search engines) it takes time. And with blogs, we think in terms of months and years, not days and weeks. As long as your blog has the right SEO in place, it will make a positive difference in getting discovered and building credibility. If you’re not sure if you have the right SEO in place, talk to a professional.

Social media is vital to blogs. It has been shown that of the top dozen traffic sources to blogs four of them are social media websites. And the top-performing social media site that produces the most blog traffic is Twitter, so get on there and get your content shared.

Get syndicated. Why work so hard bringing traffic directly to your site when you can have your content syndicated and exposed to a lot more eyes? Research blog directories and RSS syndication sites (large ones and small ones) and you will notice and increase in traffic to your site.

And last but not least, post frequency matters a great deal. Nothing kills a blog quicker than a lack of blog posts. Blog readers depend on fresh content, and referral sites are trusting that a blog will have something to offer their readers. If not, kiss high blog traffic and continuous growth goodbye. Post at least several times a week, and if you’re struggling to meet that deadline, bring on more bloggers who can help you.