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The Four Virtues of SEO :

In the nitty gritty world of SEO, some come out on top while others languish in the back pages of search results. It’s up to your SEO agency to fight the good fight on your behalf, ultimately winning the coveted top spots on sites like Google, Yahoo! and Bing for your keywords. And along the way, every good SEO agency should be following these four virtues of SEO.

Be Proactive – With SEO work, there is a lag between what’s done today and the effects it generates down the road. With SEO you never get immediate satisfaction, and that is why good SEO practitioners plan ahead and take proactive steps. In fact, SEO strategists should live by calendars so they can launch campaigns early enough to get the results they want on a timeline that makes sense for the client’s business. You know that saying, “Christmas in July”? SEO agencies are likely building Christmas campaigns throughout July so they can capture the holiday shopping crowds. That’s being proactive.

Be Persistent – In baseball, players get multiple chances to hit a ball. They don’t walk up to the plate, take one swing and if they miss, go back to the dugout to pout. The same goes with SEO. Sometimes it will take multiple swings to hit a campaign out of the park. That’s why persistence is key to any good SEO approach. Your campaigns will have highs and lows, so be ready to weather them out.

Persevere – Ultimately, it’s the search engines that are in charge of your SEO strategy. If they aren’t finding what you’re feeding them, perseverance is needed. You must be prepared for periods of no-growth, or even decline, because the world of SEO can be volatile. Put your head down and trudge through. It will always be worth it on the other side.

Be Patient – Patience can be difficult when there are bills to pay and mouths to feed, but patience in SEO is kind of like financial planning. You might not see your results until the next quarter. Sometimes, no matter how good the planning, SEO work follows its own timetable, so be patient.