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Shiny Objects are Cool but They Won’t Anchor Your Marketing Plan :

Nothing changes more quickly than online marketing it seems. Businesses can be overwhelmed by niche marketers trying to convince them to invest in the newest “shiny object” that promises them more of everything – more online exposure, more growth and more sales-generating leads. Their sneaky tactic is that they often claim their “shiny object” is progressive – the new trend – and you need to be at the forefront of it all.

This is all well and good when trends are around to stay, but it can be unwise to jump head-first into the “latest and greatest” at the sake of neglecting some of the foundations of marketing. Whether you’re targeting more social media, SEO, website building, directory listings or email campaigns, each component must fit into your clear and defined marketing strategy that is aimed at building your online presence.

The only way to protect yourself from “shiny objects” that lead to nowhere is to get clear what you’re trying to do with your online presence. What are your focus and goals? Once you know, then you can start building a marketing plan that fits within these goals.

You must also build a step-by-step plan to get there. Typically the base of any online foundation is a solid website. After it’s optimized and running smoothly you can add layers to it that will bring in new business.

You must also be patient – it’s impatience that slick salespeople will try to hang you up on, making you feel like you’re missing out on the next “thing”. Give yourself and your plan enough time to work before jumping into something else. Typically a year is enough time to know whether or not a specific online strategy is going to work.

Lastly, make sure your SEO partner is there to grow with you. Of course there are experts that know more about online marketing strategies than you do, but make sure they are willing to start on your level – not just try to force you into something that doesn’t fit with your business model. Look for that one-stop-shop that can handle every angle of your marketing plan, from content to execution.

It can be hard to resist the lure of “shiny objects,” but by practicing your patience and aligning yourself with the right partner, you can grow your business and find success.