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Responsive Web Design is a Needed Mobile SEO Strategy :

Nearly 94% of the world’s population has mobile subscriptions, with one in four of those having smart phones. In the United States, according to mobiThinking, more smart phone users use browsers on their phones than apps to interact with a business, website, or brand. In fact, when it comes to shopping, up to 81% of users polled say they prefer to research products, prices, reviews, and make purchases through a browser than a native app.

What if your website isn’t ready?

Mobile sales have overtaken desktop sales, and by the end of this year more people are expected to access the Internet through a mobile device than a desktop.

Responsive web design (RWD) will make sure your website is mobile-friendly and ready for business. Moreover, responsive web design will help with your site’s SEO. At SEM Media, we build websites with responsive web design to bring our clients to the top of the search results.

Here is why our clients need responsive web design:

Responsive web design is recommended by Google for mobile configuration (even labeling it as the “Industry Best Practice”) because RWD websites have a single URL (using the same HTML), as opposed to one desktop-compatible website and a separate mobile website (i.e. This makes it simpler and quicker for Google to crawl and index the website, and it is easier for users to link to and share content from a single site, which creates a fertile ground for “going viral.”

But why listen to Google? Probably because Google owns 67 percent of the search market share, with over 13 billion searches a month, so if they say websites need responsive web design, we at SEM Media listen.

Responsive web design brings all the devices together. Imagine, for instance, the scenario where a business has a mobile version of its website and a traditional version. One user shares a link to a mobile website (your website!) from his smart phone, and his friend opens the link on his laptop computer, but all the friend sees is a stripped down mobile version because the site was NOT built with responsive web design. This creates a poor user-experience, and Google is now placing a premium on user-experience as a ranking factor.

In short, a better website is better for users, and what’s better for users is better for SEO.

Since people are accessing the Internet via laptops, desktops, smart phones, and a variety of tablets and readers, it would be entirely impractical to build custom sites for each screen size. With responsive web design, the site automatically conforms to the user’s device, so no information gets lost in the shuffle.

Responsive web design streamlines your business and your budget. If your business operates a separate mobile website from its desktop website, you are essentially creating competition between your two sites, and you are paying double for your SEO! With responsive web design, your business only needs to manage a single site with a single SEO campaign. This can be the most money-saving advantage of having SEM Media create a responsive web design site for your business.

When planning and running an effective SEO campaign, keywords are key! When your campaign can be tailored to both mobile searches and desktop searches, and yet drive traffic to the same URL, your business is casting the widest net to attract the biggest audience.

It should be clear why SEM Media Group chooses to be a leader in responsive web design. It marks the future of the Internet.

Responsive web design has no limitations; therefore SEM Media Group has no limitations. Let us show you the power of an adaptive website!