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Online Marketing Requires the Right Marksman :

Online marketing is not as easy as it looks, and before you roll your eyes because this is coming from an online marketing expert agency, let’s consider the facts – or more rightly, the myths.

Myth #1 – Keywords are all that – Yes, keywords are an important part of an online marketing strategy, but they are part of it, not the whole thing. So before you dump all your cash into a pay-per-click search campaign, let us not forget the power of the organic search. Keyword ads pit advertiser against advertiser to land a top ad spot for a specific keyword. But people find websites by searching for them too, not just wildly clicking on every ad that crosses their path. So a balance must be struck between keyword advertising and organic search, which includes providing blog content, email campaigns and other online marketing opportunities.

Myth #2 – Nifty design means good marketing – You do want people to find and buy your product easily, and you want them to see and understand your message clearly. But just having a fancy website isn’t going to get traffic to it. And too many times people bury the things that help get them found by search engines by covering it with website gimmicks (thinking specifically of a long Flash animation sequence for one). Flash is virtually invisible to search engines.

Myth #3 – It’s all worth it – If you ignore your return-on-investment (ROI) when running a marketing campaign, you might as well leave your hard-earned cash on the streets. While good advice and expert application does cost money, you should be able to see that every dollar you spend gives you something in return. The end goal of online marketing is to grow your business, not necessarily just increase traffic.

The right SEO and online marketing agency can help you avoid falling for the myths that are out there. So before you think online marketing is easy and can be done overnight, look at how many tens or hundreds of pages of websites go ignored during your next search. You need to be on the first page of search results, and you need someone who can get you there.