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It’s Always Nice to Share, But with Who? :

Sharing on the web is a big craze right now. As an extension of what’s possible through social media, it seems sharing has a rightful place in the world of cyber discussions. One of the major “sharing” facilitators is ShareThis. You’ve probably seen their stylish button on countless web pages that show how many times that page has been “retweeted” or “liked” (or bookmarked, blogged, emailed, Tumblr-ed, Discus-ed, etc.).

Recently, ShareThis released a report that highlighted the most popular outlets for sharing content, as well as how much traffic sharing provides to websites. From a collection of 300 million people who shared content in one month via over a million different websites, ShareThis uncovered some interesting stats.

First, one out of 10 people using the internet right now is viewing a “shared” site they found through social media or email. And 31 percent of site referral traffic comes from sharing. Imagine, one out of three people visit a website because a “friend” shared it with them.

When it comes to sharing, Facebook reigns supreme. ShareThis offers sharing through 50 different social channels, but the one that is used to effectively generate over 38 percent of all sharing traffic is Facebook. Another 34 percent is made up of bookmarking, blogging and everything else that isn’t Twitter or Email. In fact, Email sharing constitutes 17 percent of sharing traffic, and Twitter lays claim to 11 percent. And that’s just the numbers of the traffic referrals (people who actually click-through and view a site via sharing).

Another astounding number is what method people use for sharing (regardless if their links get click-throughs). Again, Facebook wins. Over 56 percent of people share via Facebook, if they share at all. This means that most people share what they find on the Internet through their Facebook account – sending out to all their friends, families, coworkers and roomies. This is how viral traffic begins.

So what about your website’s content? Are you set up so it can be shared?