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Is SEO Your One Key to Online Success? :

Very few business owners aren’t thinking about SEO as they strive for online success, as SEO is vital to determining how well their business website is ranked by search engines. But is SEO the only key to attaining online success? Let’s first consider what SEO and online success are and then we’ll find out.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process where a website has its pages built to appeal to search engines. This is done by utilizing certain sets of keywords or search terms and then having other websites link back to your website, which builds up your online reputation. Understanding how to create Titles, Headings, Descriptions, Bold Text and Alternative Text for Images all helps with SEO and page ranking. Integrating keywords into your site’s content at the proper density is also a key component of SEO (you can’t have keywords appear too few or too many times).

Your ultimate goal, again, is to have other sites link back to yours, thus increasing your reputation. Some people believe that you can do this through “blackhat” practices like link-farming and paying for others to link to your site. Search engines are very smart these days and most “blackhat” techniques actually do more harm than good for your site, so it’s best to avoid them.

Now let’s say that your page has achieved a No. 1 ranking on search engines. That means you’ve made it, right? You’ve earned total online success? Actually, there are several other important components to online success that will help you convert traffic into sales, which really is the key to success. Is it not? Here’s a good short list of what, above and beyond SEO, will help you achieve real success:

Social Media – Using social media to market your business is almost a no-brainer these days. It creates customer loyalty and gives you the chance to put your company or product in front of a lot of people frequently.

Web Design – You should have someone outside your business look over your website and provide good feedback on its look and feel. If your website is hard to use, no one will use it.

Traffic Analytics – Understanding your traffic is very important. If you don’t know where people are coming from to find you or where they’re going once on your site, you’ll have no way to gauge metrics like conversion. Traffic is a good thing, but having the right kind of traffic is even better for business.

Email Marketing – Email marketing can be an important way to reach new customers and retaining your existing ones. Consider creating a regular newsletter every week or month with useful information and special offers.

Capture Your Customer Data – Whenever you can, however you can, get the details of your existing customers. You can do this from data entered when they make a purchase, or you can offer something for free and have them enter some details about themselves. Capturing and using this data can help you create more meaningful ad campaigns and offers in the future.