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How to Use a YouTube Channel to Increase Your SEO :

Your business’s website will always be your first and primary wave of attack when it comes to SEO, but when you’re already doing as much as possible with your website for search optimization, there’s only one place you can go to grow – to another website. Specifically, we’re talking about creating a YouTube Channel to boost your business’s SEO.

YouTube is one of the best ways to get SEO content on the Internet without breaking the bank. On a YouTube Channel you can tag and index every video you post, which increases the odds your brand will appear naturally in searches for keywords aligned with your business.

So how do you go about building a YouTube Channel? It’s pretty simple. We have laid it out in three simple steps.

  1. Focus on Your Topics – While not everyone would want to watch a video commercial about what you’re selling, many will actually want to watch an informative and entertaining video that illustrates how they can choose the right product (that you sell) for their needs. But you may be able to go even further with your videos and share expertise beyond the sole focus of your products. For instance, if you sell baked goods, you can post videos about where your ingredients are sourced or interview those who grow or process the foods you use.
  2. Get on Camera – You’ll obviously need a camera to record your videos, but you don’t have to hire a professional videographer or buy a multi-thousand-dollar piece of equipment. In fact, if your video retains some element of being “homemade” it will actually have more appeal to go viral and not look as much as like a commercial. Before you go on camera, jot down about 10 talking points you want to cover so you won’t sound like you’re reading a script. Plug your website at both the beginning and the end of your video, and always include a link back to your website in the video.
  3. Use VSEO – Once you have your video uploaded you’ll need to enter a title, description and tags for it. This is VSEO. Whatever your key phrase is for your video, use it twice in the title. In the description, include a link back to your website. For tags, pick 10-15 relevant keywords pertaining to your video and your business.

You’ll be surprised how quickly your videos will generate traffic back to your website. It only takes a couple hundred views before Google will start picking up on your video for your key phrases.