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How to Build a Google+ Brand Page :

Google just unveiled official Brand Pages for its Google+ social networking site, and here is how you can set one up for your business in four easy steps. Keep in mind, however, that Google doesn’t allow contests or promotions on Google+ pages (yet), but we at SEM Media already know that those will be important when or if they do arrive.

The first step is to create or sign in to your existing Google account and then visit What hasn’t been made clear in other tutorials published this week, but is very important, is that unlike Facebook Google+ Brand Pages are not set up for having multiple Admins, so anyone who wants to manage your Google+ Brand Page must have access to the Google account used for setting it up, and with that comes access to the account’s email, photos, documents, etc.

Next, you will be able to choose an appropriate category for your organization. The choices are: Local Business or Place; Product or Brand; Company, Institution or Organization; Arts, Entertainments or Sports; Other.

Now you will need to add your business’s information, such as name, website and choose a sub-category relevant to your product/service. Under “Recommend links” you can add a link back to your website, your Facebook page, Twitter account, etc.

In the last step, you will want to add a tagline, photo and then finish it out by letting people know about your page. Google will help you create a Brand Button that can be placed on your webpage.

And there you go, you’re on Google+.

If you have further questions about the value Google+ can have for your business and its search relevancy, contact SEM Media today. In the meantime, check out SEM Media’s Google+ page and add us to your Circle.