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How Google+ Brand Pages Could be Better for Business :

On November 7, Google opened up its new social networking site, Google+, to businesses for creating brand pages. Some social media strategists and SEO companies, like the group here at SEM Media, are hopeful that Google+ Brand Pages can solve three “sticking points” found with Facebook’s Brand Pages, which are:

Better Search Opportunities – Trying to generate click-throughs to your page on Facebook can be difficult, as they have a lower CTR (click-through-rate) than non-Facebook URLs. This is likely due to the fact that when a user sees the domain show up in their search, they feel it is irrelevant to their query. Therefore, a low CTR increases the cost of driving such traffic to a Facebook page, which costs advertisers more money. *Want to know more about CTR, contact SEM Media today.

Better Customization – A Facebook ad is fairly simple and allows for few creative opportunities. It is predicted that Google+ pages will follow a model closer to YouTube Channels, where a brand can advertise on their own page and have a custom skin. *Want to have a custom YouTube Channel skin, contact SEM Media today.

Better Analytics – Those who have used Google Analytics already know the level of detail found in those reports, which include time spent on page, referring sites and geographic location of visitors. One could easily expect that Google will offer similar analytics on who the Brand Page’s fans are and where they are coming from. *Want to know more about Google Analytics, contact SEM Media today.