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Google Shares 5 Common SEO Mistakes :

Recently, Google’s Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead, shared via video five common SEO mistakes the Google teams sees on a regular basis. If these catch Google’s attention, they must be worthwhile to know and understand so you won’t make the same mistake. At SEM Media, we know how to avoid these five common SEO mistakes and how to get your site ranked high in search engines.

Mistake #1: Your site has no value proposition before you start building it.
“Ask yourself, why would a user choose my site in the search results?” says Ohye. Whether your website is promoting an offline business (like a brick-and-mortar store) or an online business, you must know and be able to relate that which makes you different than your competitors. Do you have the lowest prices, free shipping, are you a non-profit, have a good central store location? Relating these answers is what will give your business (and thus your website) value.

Mistake #2: Don’t have a segmented approach to SEO.
Segmentation is “great for your sushi, but it’s not as great when there’s no communication between your marketing, business development and SEO team,” explains Ohye. You must consider SEO in the entire user experience, from your marketing campaign to conversion.

Mistake #3: Wasting time on time-consuming workarounds instead of researching best practices and new features. On sites with lots of pages, a “canonical” approach can dilute pages in the search index. Rather, Google now allows for “next” and “prev” markups for paginated content, giving equal weight to each page on your site, not just your home page. However, avoiding Mistake #3 and lead to Mistake #4, so be careful.

Mistake #4: Getting caught up in SEO trends. In the “old days,” both websites and search engines were trying to reach the same audience: users. Today, however, it seems more sites are trying to reach search engines instead of users. To avoid this trend, you need to produce good content that will interest a user.

Mistake #5: Slow iteration. “At Google, we’ve been known to say that the main constant in SEO is that it’s constantly evolving,” says Ohye. The faster your team can iterate the better. You must be able to define metrics, implement improvements, measure the impact, create new improvements and repeat.

So those are the mistakes Google sees, but what about the good things we do with SEO? Google suggests the following for “best practices” in SEO:
• Do something cool
• Include relevant keywords in your copy
• Be smart about your tags and site architecture
• Sign up for email forwarding in Webmaster Tools
• Attract buzz and natural links, votes, +1s, follows
• Stay fresh and relevant (social media sites, accessible on new devices)

SEM Media thrives on following the above “best practices.” If you have questions about how your site ranks, or you want to be better at SEO, contact a SEM Media professional today.