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Google+, Page Rank and How It All Works :

Google Plus (+) has been out long enough for most people savvy to search to have either seen it or used it. Now the “+1” button is about as common as the Facebook “Share” button and the Twitter “Tweet” button. In other words, it’s a common way for people to share the content they discover with their friends. But what does Google+ do for a website’s SEO?

The +1 has an indirect effect on a website’s search ranking. Unfortunately, having lots of +1’s will not translate into a directly highly ranking in traditional search results, but it can help you. Here’s why. When a Google user +1’s a piece of content (web page, blog article, etc.) he/she finds useful it now shows up in Google’s new “Search plus Your World” functionality, where the first results given are personal if a person is signed into their Google account when searching.

Users are now seeing which search results have been “endorsed” by their friends, so those sites/articles/etc. that have been +1’d tend to have higher a CTR (Click Through Rate), and that is what then leads to that user sharing the content via their social media accounts and providing quality traffic. It is these two things that drive up a website’s ranking.

So while getting a ton of +1’s doesn’t factor directly into higher rankings, it will/should have an indirect effect on traffic volume and other social sharing, and that will help your SEO. So continue to encourage your customers and fans to +1 your content; just don’t expect it to bump you to the top of the search results immediately.