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Good Thing SEM Media isn’t Heavy Handed :

With great foresight, SEM Media is not surprised by Google’s head of search, Matt Cutts, as he spoke at the end of SXSW saying that Google will be tweaking its search engine to stop favoring sites that go overboard with SEO.

Cutts explained that Google’s move was aimed at getting websites on a “level playing ground” and those who have been overly-ambitious about search engine optimization will have their sites demoted compared to those who are making great content and a fantastic site. That’s why SEM Media doesn’t fear this change by Google; we’ve been stressing the importance of good content and great site craftsmanship since day one. We’re not into “black hat” SEO techniques; we build up organic traffic through both innovative and time-honored techniques.

Again, Google is going after those sites that abuse SEO and overstuff keywords or exchange too many links; basically, they are targeting sites that are too aggressive in their SEO tactics. So, as a business owner, beware any SEO firm that tries too hard to sell you on their far-reaching SEO talents; they may just be taking you too far for Google’s liking.

Cutts explained at SXSW that the change has been in the works for months and will finally come out in the next several weeks.

Google has already made one change toward this goal last year, when the company rolled out its infamous Panda update, which slashed traffic to previously popular sites, such as and, by 30%. Previously, these sites ranked high for keywords because of the sheer volume of content on them; Google was asking that content on websites also be useful, not just plentiful.

That’s why SEM Media builds state-of-the-art websites with useful content as a standard practice. If you have questions about how your site may be affected by Google’s change, talk to an expert at SEM Media today.