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Differentiate Your Website, but Use What Works :

A common conundrum in SEO is whether to copy what works or create new inroads into search optimization. This is where the delicate balancing act comes in. Just by copying your competition’s tactics doesn’t mean that you will have greater success that they are (They’ve obviously been doing it longer than you have if you’re copying them, right?).

Granted, there are plenty of time-tested tactics for good SEO, and those should be utilized as best as your budget and ambition allow. But in the end, your website needs to be different than everyone else’s, and that’s what will ultimately put you at the top.

And to be different you have to be willing to try things that have never been done before. If we could just follow the wisdom of other SEO experts, every website would look the same. That’s why there is one thing that can never be copied by anyone else. That is: your voice. Your website should have your voice and your philosophy present in it somewhere. Your voice is your style, your commitment to your customers, your commitment to yourself made public.

If you run a company blog, not only does the content represent you, but the frequency with which you publish content, the length of each post, and the depth of the information all represent your voice.

What happens is that your voice becomes your brand’s value, and the more you put your voice out there the more value you put in your brand. This also means you’re putting more content out there, and that’s where it begins affecting your SEO (positively).

So how do you beat your competitor when you’re both playing the same game – be better at the game than they are. If they’re not being innovative or taking risks with SEO, then you should. If they’re limiting their voice on their site, then make yours heard loud and clear. It’s the most reliable way to win. Just balance what you know works with what you make work.