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Bounce Rate Optimization Improves Search Rankings :

You may be looking over your bounce rate stats for your website and scratching your head. That’s okay, because SEM Media knows how to use bounce rate optimization to improve your website’s search rankings. Here’s a little about how we do it.

Google recently released yet another algorithm update, and this one now factors in page layout as a ranking factor, with an extra focus on how much above-the-fold real estate is dedicated to visible content versus advertising and other “distractions.” In short, Google wants to highlight more websites that are built for users, not for search engines. This is according to Google’s own Quality Guidelines. SEM Media knows these Quality Guidelines inside and out.

Google has always been open about considering a page’s load speed into its search rankings (i.e. faster pages rank better), but with page layout now in the mix, we can look at our bounce rate to find out what kind of visitation experience we’re providing to our visitors. If they’re “jumping ship” right after landing on our page, we lose twice – once from losing the opportunity to make an impression on our customer and converting traffic into sales, and we lose a second time by having Google penalize our website because it’s not attractive to a user.

SEM Media employs bounce rate optimization by improving your site’s page load speed optimization, performs detailed user testing and A/B and Multivariate testing. Improving page load speed is the easiest of these tasks – it’s low-hanging fruit, if you will. User testing is vital because it puts real users behind the wheel of a new website, allowing them to flesh things that don’t work well. A/B and Multivariate testing helps SEM Media quantify the impact of our changes. We rely on detailed examinations to determine which pages we optimize first so we can improve rankings as quickly as possible.

Do you want to improve your bounce rate optimization and rank higher in search engines? Contact SEM Media today to find out more on how we can help.