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Be Ready for the Shift in Online Marketing :

Online marketing is a fast changing place to do business. Luckily, SEM Media knows how to keep pace. For instance, SEO has been around for about 15 years now, and Google just now released some of its most significant changes to date. With influences like Google+ and other social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), the importance of remaining competitive is now paramount.

With that said, let SEM Media point to two different ideas as they relate to creating online content. First, create a “content mix.” Instead of posting web page SEO, blogs and videos and trying to drive traffic to them; if companies would first research their customer base and find out what type of content they prefer to see, that company can then tailor their approach to their customers’ preferences. This allows for information discovery, a richer user experience and deeper customer engagement. All of which equals increased sales.

Through this idea, the “optimize” part of SEO (search engine optimization) is just that – the optimal alignment of content for the customer. It’s functional and effective. Done right, customers will be more willing to buy, refer and share your content and products.

The second idea is founded on the premise that the Internet world changes – fast! To remain competitive, an SEO firm, and their clients, need to have in place both processes and plans for fast detection, testing and evaluation of the latest social or online techniques to see if they are a good fit for a company’s marketing goals. Not every new program or social media site will stick around forever, so it’s important to quickly identify and maximize one’s presence on the ones that will.

Through an adaptive approach, a company can leverage its image by being in the right place at the right time. Most of that adaptive power and insight will come from your SEO agency, like SEM Media; however, a company should also tap into the collective power of their fans, followers and customers for what’s important to them.

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