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A Crash Course in Social Media Strategy :

As 80% of corporations now use social media to promote their business and interact with their customer base, a new career is budding. It is that of the social media strategist, and recently the Altimeter Group compiled a report from LinkedIn data that summarized the personality traits, education, career paths and responsibilities of current-day social media strategists. This information may be useful to anyone looking to manage part or all of their social media outlets or when looking to hire a social media strategist or SEO agency that specializes in social media management.

The first sign of a true social media strategist is that the person or agency has a Twitter account. 100 percent of all strategists have Twitter account because, simply, you can’t preach what you don’t know.

The second qualifier for a social media strategist is having the ability to multi-task, as managing social media includes everything from crafting posts/tweets, analyzing data and building successful campaigns. A good SEO agency can do all these things, perhaps offering different experts for different fields.

A social media strategist should be able to adapt and want to learn the latest trends in accordance with the changing demands of doing business through social networks. And while education matters, it doesn’t mean having a Ph.D. Only about two-thirds of job descriptions on LinkedIn for social media strategists ask that the applicant have a bachelor’s degree (although 80% of current strategists do).

Management is a good skill to have, and over a third of strategists come from a management-level background. On par with having the ability to multi-task, this role requires managing tasks as well as managing people.

A good strategist can not only take the initiative; that person can also create one and rally support for it across the organization. They communicate well and can monitor the progress of their efforts. Interestingly, budget management is noted as one of the least important skills a strategist has, but managing ROI is the most important one.

Above all, a social media strategist is a forward-thinking individual or agency. If you look for that skill, you’ll be in the right hands.