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10 Signs of a Good Business Website :

SEM Media knows how to build good business websites. Here we put together 10 features that every good business website should have. If your website doesn’t have these, then talk to our professionals at SEM Media today.

1. A Clear Roadmap. Almost more important than aesthetics is that your business website is easily navigable. Plan out how your website will work before you type a drop of HTML. Then you can create a mock-up and test it out.

2. Complete Business Information. You would be surprised how many business websites fail to provide complete information about their business. From mission statements to what you sell, you must list what makes your business a business.

3. Contact Info. How can customer find you and buy from you if you fail to list good contact information, and we’re not talking about just an address. Provide all the links to your social media accounts and email addresses so people won’t have to work to get in touch with you.

4. A Navigation Strategy. Essentially your “call to action,” your navigation strategy should make your website easy to use and pleasing to the eye. Think about what your customers will want to know when visiting your website and make sure that information is easy to find.

5. Be Secure. If you run an e-commerce site you must invest in securing your site with an SSL certificate. Without good security, you’re a sitting duck.

6. Social Media Presence. As good as your website may be, you must have a voice in the world of social media. It will boost your SEO and help you connect directly with your customers.

7. Be Mobile-Ready. Smart phones are not the “wave of the future” – they are the reality of today. 70% of smart phone owners use them for simple and everyday tasks, like surfing the Internet. Make sure your site is ready for mobile traffic.

8. An FAQ. Don’t assume your customers won’t have questions. Gather the most frequently asked questions your customers have and create an online FAQ.

9. Reliable Hosting. Your site must be in good hands, 24/7. If your host goes down, it costs you money. Invest in the best web host you can.

10. What You Don’t Need. Your site does not need “bling,” so forgo the auto-play music, obnoxious Flash and anything else that might slow down your page load speed and otherwise risk annoying your customers.

If you have questions about your website, have a web professional at SEM Media take a look at your site.