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10 Important Parts of Your Web Stats :

Understanding your web stats can help you determine the success of your marketing campaigns, improve your website and draw more traffic to it. While an SEO agency will know which stats mean what and how they can help you, here are 10 very important web stats you should study yourself.

1. Unique Visits – This number will tell you how many unique people came to your website. It doesn’t matter how many pages this visitor scrolled through, it will count each visitor separately. This number should be followed closely as it will tell you if your traffic is improving over time – i.e. you are reaching new customers.

2. Visitor Location – Knowing where your visitors are coming from shows you your market reach. If you’re a local retailer who doesn’t ship out of the state, you’ll be able to see if you’re reaching your target audience or a broader worldwide audience, geographically speaking.

3. Referrals – Referrals are important because they tell you how people are finding your website. This lists what other sites or web pages link to yours. It can also tell you which of your web pages is receiving the most outside traffic.

4. Search Phrases – Understanding search phrases is the backbone of SEO as it allows you to hone in on which keywords are already generating traffic for your site and which ones can be improved upon.

5. Pages – This stat shows you which of your web pages receives the most visits and which ones are not receiving much traffic. By studying the pages that are popular you can tweak your site so all of it is equally visited.

6. Time of Day – This detailed stat time stamps when your visitors are coming to your site. This could be useful if you wanted to schedule an online chat or webinar for your visitors, or when to launch new specials or coupons so they will be seen by your visitors.

7. Entry/Exit Pages – This shows you where people enter and exit your site. If you notice a lot of people leaving your site from the same web page, you can tweak it to give it a stronger sales pitch and make it more interesting.

8. Day of the Week – Similar to Time of Day, this shows which day of the week most visitors come to your website. It can also guide you for when to launch special promotions.

9. Length of Visit – This is an important stat that shows you how long people spend on your website. While overall traffic is important, if people aren’t spending enough time on your site to read it, it undermines your traffic value.

10. Error Reports – These reports will show you if people are having trouble getting to your site or getting error codes.

If you have questions about these stats, your SEO agency should be able to address them quickly and intelligently, so ask them. It is your website and you should understand what is going on with it.